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Color of Boogie

Teaching in a Time of Crisis

Home in Our Heliosphere


Poetry as Play

Paradox of Technology

Inertia of Art

Peace for the Part time PhD

Missing Bowie

Expressions of Fate

Poetry is Kindness

Kindness Blanket

Negotiation of the Selfie

Risky Beds

Poetry is Risk

Three Body Problem

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Explore Poetry in the Kitchen

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Joy in Poetry

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Search for Joy

Show Link Originally pubslished 26 Feb 2020

Envoy ofJoy

Show LinkOriginally pubslished 26 Feb 2020

Confidence of Winter's Kiss

Show LinkOriginally published 26 Feb 2020

Floodlit Public

Show Link Originally published 27 Feb 2020

Celebrate Diversity?

Show Link Originally published 28 Feb 2020

Constraints of Creativity

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Instrospective Knots

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Cry For My Children

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Dancing Toes

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Pandemic in the Canopy

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Stolen Year

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Somber Solitude

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Poem in FourParts

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Shadow's Dance

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Day 22: Hopeless in the Hoping Hour

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Celestially Sent

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Funny Algebra

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My Rock

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Steady Lies

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Glokal Yokel Poetry Hour

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Out My Window

Join us to define poetry, explore poems from our windows, share local poets, and just riff on sounds

Poets I rely on

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  • Kevin HogdsonPoet, friend, mentor
  • Sheri Edwards CLMOOC Friend
  • Tania Sheko Teacher Librarian in Melbourne, Australia
  • Terry Elliot Philpsopher, poet, farmer
  • Wendy Taleo Learning Technologist in Alice Springs, Australia
  • Anna Smith blogging about composition in the digital age
  • Algot Runeman Rhymes might be a more appropriate description for this section of creative work. Poetry implies access to inner truths, and what happens here may be only outer oddities.

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  • Ten Technology and Poetry Ideas Ten ideas to infuse tech into poetry
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  • Using Multimodal Poetry to Engage in Critical Literacy Poetry provides a perfect avenue for multimodal explorations of truth and power
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  • Finding Our Voices in Lost Voices Teaching Documentary Poetry
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  • #MNLI13 Day 3 Reflection Coding Community > Role of Community in Poetry and Code
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  • How to Use Images to Teach Poetry Remixing Tone, Imagery and Images
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  • How to Use Images to Teach Poetry II Making Metaphor Poems
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  • How to Use Images to Teach Poetry III Responding With Images
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  • #BackStage Blog: Making a Pixelated Gif Poem A how to guide on making a pixel poem using gifs
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Poets I am reading

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  • Typewriter Rodeo A collection of improv poems written for people and printed on type writers Typewriter RodeoBook
  • Robert Hunter A collection of poems from my favorite lyricist
  • Bill Moyers Interviews with Poets Fooling with Poets